Nokia Totally Board

Nokia / Channel 4 / IMG Media

At the Seville event I was one of two editors onsite in Seville, responsible for cutting a one hour highlights programme.

For the Cape Town event I was onsite to edit news reports that were distributed around the world on the day, then stayed in Cape Town for the week to edit the one hour highlights programme in a local production house.

This event in Taipei was one of four events I worked on, the others being in Seville (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Cape Town (South Africa). The event is a live show featuring bmx, skating, ski and snowboard jumping along with entertainment from various live international music acts.

The Thessaloniki event, I was onsite to edit news feeds for international distribution, and also filmed extra shots on the ski ramp when not editing. Editing was done back in London at IMG Media.

Prior to the Taipei event I designed and made the title sequence (seen above) as well as all of the graphics for both the live big screen coverage, as well as the highlights programme. During the event I was onsite to cut news feeds but also helped out with filming different content around the city, such as in the night market and at Taipei 101 building. Following the event I returned to London to edit the highlights programme.

The programmes were shown on Channel 4 in the UK and were also sold to various international broadcasters.