16th Asian Games

IGBS / IMG Media

Based at the IBC in Guangzhou, China

Lead Editor & Workflow consultant.

This was an unusual project in that traditional edit and archive systems were not to be used. Instead we were provided equipment from a Beijing based company called NewAuto. I travelled to Beijing in June of 2010 with the Executive Producer, Nairn Salter,, and the Project Director, Mike Wilmot to assess the equipment. That trip made it clear that in the softwares current state it would be unlikely our team could deliver the two 52″ highlights programmes per day.

Nairn Salter and I returned in September to discover that NewAuto had made massive changes and the system was working well. After a week of rigorous testing and writing a users manual in English we left confident that all would be OK come show time in November.

In November I trained and then lead a team of eight editors working across two shifts to provide two daily 52″ highlights shows completely voiced. The project went perfectly without missing a single feed. The shows were of a high quality, a credit to the team, who work working on software they had not even seen before arriving in China.